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Cadillac automobiles reached their zenith of magnificence during the early 1930s with the production of cars powered by V-16 engines. One of the most expensive automobiles available at the time in the Texas Panhandle, this 1930 Cadillac V-16 Sedan…

1986-47.15 - Crazy Quilt Coat.JPG
This evening coat was donated by Louise Dicken Conway in 1986. It was made by her mother, Addie Dicken, in 1931 and was made to be worn over formal dresses when the donor attended Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas.

This object is not…

1977-84.1 - electric car.jpg
Priced at $2, 275 (approximately $38,500 today), the approximate cost of nine Model T. Ford automobiles at the time, the Detroit electric was an upper class means of transportation. Forty-two batteries, powered the vehicle which had a top speed of…

First produced in 1903, Buick automobiles attracted upper-middle class and upper class buyers, including professionals and others climbing the social and economic ladders. Coupes like this one on originally cost about $1,300 (approximately $14,300…

Chevrolet stopped producing cars for civilian use in February 1942 in order to fill World War II contracts and, like other motor vehicle manufacturers, did not manufacture automobiles for sale to the to the public again until 1946. As a result,…

watercolor on paper, "A Home in the Land of the Sky" by Isabel Robinson, 1927; lake scene with trees; signed and dated "Isabel Robinson Oct 27, 1927" lower right in pencil; 8 1/4" x 11 11/16"

This painting received Second Award at the 1976 Red…

1865.889 - Monarch of the Plains.jpg
Painted by famous panhandle artist Frank Reaugh in 1925.

17" x 35" Painting of a white and tan bull in the foreground, facing right, standing over the rest of a herd of dark cattle in the distance. All under an expansive light blue sky.


watercolor on paper, "Alaskan Mountains - Sunshine", by Isabel Robinson, no date

900.1527 (1)_edited.jpg
Egg case of a small octopus. They are very scarce and fragile

Photograph of a classroom at West Texas State Normal College. Drawing tables and stools are arranged at the rear of the room, several paintings or prints are arranged on one wall, and several pieces of pottery are displayed on a small table.
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