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1977-84.1 - electric car.jpg
Priced at $2, 275 (approximately $38,500 today), the approximate cost of nine Model T. Ford automobiles at the time, the Detroit electric was an upper class means of transportation. Forty-two batteries, powered the vehicle which had a top speed of…

1251.1 - Askew work saddle.jpg
Founded in Kansas City, Missouri, in 1866, the Askew Saddlery Company was among the first saddlers to cater to working cowboys driving cattle to market in Kansas City or Chicago. The Askew Saddle became known for superior materials and excellent…

Sheet music for a work for voice and piano. Cover features a photograph of the T Anchor Ranch headquarters. Cattle brands of Texas Panhandle ranches are on the top and bottom borders of the cover.

Reprint of an article that appeared in Arctic, vol. 3, no. 3, December 1950

1501.64 - Madonna and Child.jpg
Bello, a pupil in the studio of Giovanni Bellini, was an Italian painter during the Renaissance period.

This item is currently on display in the Foran Family Gallery.

Bill of sale for a horse, signed by W. H. Bonney

832.174 - Conference.jpg
A Taos Society of Artists founder, Blumenschein (1874-1960) first saw Taos in 1898 while on a sketching trip with Bert Philips. Blumenschein moved to Taos permanently in 1919, where he was considered the most accomplished painter of the group.…

2009.191.8 - Cow Country.jpg
Painted by famous Panhandle artist, Harold Bugbee in 1927.
Received major outsourced conservation in 2014

30" x 40 1/8" Painting of three cowboys on horseback herding a small herd of cattle over a yellow toned hill, with large white clouds in…

1650.49 - Last of the Goodnight Herd.JPG
A herd of buffalo in the foreground cresting a hill on the Goodnight ranch, with a mesa in the background; under a light blue sky with white clouds.

This piece is not currently on display.

1989-53.685 - Bugbee Sketch.jpg
This charcoal drawing is the beginning of a painting that famous Panhandle artist, Harold Bugbee planned to complete. This is the layout that Bugbee was working on the day before he died.

This piece is currently on display within the Bugbee…
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