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No Number 16 (8)_edited.jpg
Complete skeleton with some restoration of the ribs; dated to 700,000 years ago; from the Rock Creek quarries, Briscoe County, Texas.

JWT 1239 (3)_cropped.jpg
Lower jaws with right and left P4 and M1, left P3, roots of left C and P3; holotype; Pliocene; from Cita Canyon, Bed #2, Randall County, Texas.

1987-110.3 (1)_cropped.jpg
Slice of Imilac Pallasite; stony-iron meteorite containing iron, nickel, and olivine; dates ca. 4.5 bya.

Saddle with high horn and cantle; date unknown.

2009.74.1 (1).JPG
Spanish made shield with concentric yellow, red and black circle on round layered goatskin; Comanche made cover with bison hide drawstring; dates ca. pre-1875.

War shield that belonged to Ischiti, Comanche medicine man; dates ca. 1870.

Horned headdress that belonged to Ischiti, Comanche medicine man, and may have been worn during the 1874 Battle of Adobe Walls.

Bow case and quiver made from mountain lion hide; dates ca. 1890.

521.197_paint edited.jpg
Dress used as part of Ghost Dance ceremony; dates ca. 1890.

1510.130.1_Kiowa calendar_cropped.jpg
Sixty-four foot daily calendar started by Kiowa Chief Big Bow and then passed to his descendants; contains personal, religious, and group events from 1874-1891.
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