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Coiled; pyramidal; pink colors; knobs overall; ribs protruding from body whorl; cream color on bottom; thick, white operculum

97.145.5 (4)_edited.jpg
Tan tones with white spots; coiled; knobs on coils; long body whorl; catalog sheet has cone shell

97.424.3 (3)_edited.jpg
Commonly called horseshoe crab because of its shape, six pairs of limbs about the mouth, lateral eyes

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900. (1)_cropped.jpg
Cut in half showing chambers

900.27 (2)_edited.jpg
Large, white, covered with radiating ribs with coarse growth lines producing tooth-like elevation and corresponding indentations within

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900.52 (2)_cropped.jpg
Brown with lighter spots

900.111 (2)_cropped.jpg

900.157 (4)_cropped.jpg
Creamy white with tan dots in rows
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