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X2020.7.9 (3)_cropped.jpg
Coiled; pyramidal; maroon and pink zig-zag design; large round aperture; lime green ring around aperture; pearly white inside

900.1202 (2)_edited.jpg

900.1667 (2)_cropped.jpg
Spines on it 1/4" up to 1 3/4" long

900.538K (1)_cropped.jpg

900.5000.123 (2).JPG
Coiled shell; yellow base color with henna and orange lines leading up to coil; yellow and blue coil; brown coil line and cross lines

900.29 (3)_cropped.jpg

900.2633 (3)_edited.jpg
Extremely large bivalve

900.1343 (2)_edited.jpg

900.666 (1).JPG

900. (1)_cropped.jpg
Cut in half showing chambers
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