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Made in December of 1962 for George Woods of Happy, TX. It has a 16" cushioned seat, light tooling, a low moose tree, and 4 D rings made by Billy Klapper. Left latigo keeper and cantle were made by Eddy Collie, who worked for Bob Marrs.


Maroon, black and cream woven wool saddle blanket: folded rectangle, loomed edging; pattern in repeating rows of three, first row contains concentric colors of cream then red then black with cream separator block, next row is black then cream then…

Maroon woven wool saddle pad; folded rectangle, black over edge stitch, diagonal weave.

This object is not currently on display.

Donated by Bob and Betty Marrs

Age darkened white synthetic fiber; twisted rope, braided at end, short orange toned leather sleeve on honda / hondo with sides containing three holes.

This object is currently on display in Pioneer Hall.

Donated by Bob and Betty Marrs

Brown full poinsettia tooling with horse and seated cowboy on fender; swell fork, leather wrapped wide cap horn, elephant ear cantle, stitched seat, small square skirt, 7/8 on tree rigging, wide fenders, leather wrapped and latigo laced stirrups;…
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