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Seashell Collection (Partial)




The society’s seashell collection includes 7,077 marine specimens from all over the world, including mollusks of every class, sand dollars, barnacles, horseshoe crabs, seahorses, sponges, corals, and some seagrasses. Included here are a representative sample of a few of those specimens.


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Guildfordia sp.
Coiled; pyramidal; pink colors; knobs overall; ribs protruding from body whorl; cream color on bottom; thick, white operculum

Busycon (Sinistrofulgur) sinistrum
Tan tones with white spots; coiled; knobs on coils; long body whorl; catalog sheet has cone shell

Limulus polyphemus
Commonly called horseshoe crab because of its shape, six pairs of limbs about the mouth, lateral eyes

Nautilus pompilus
Cut in half showing chambers

Cyrtopleura costata
Large, white, covered with radiating ribs with coarse growth lines producing tooth-like elevation and corresponding indentations within

Cypraea cervus
Brown with lighter spots

Cassis madagascariensis
Creamy white with tan dots in rows
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